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David is an award-winning actor who has been called "extraordinary" and "powerful" by the LA Times and NY Times respectively.

Whether theater, television or film, David is becoming known for his diversity and ability to create a multitude of characters.


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this american life david paladino dave

with Cris Beam and Ira Glass

David's unique life-story has been the subject of many articles & blogs.

Listen to NPR's Hit Radio Show
This American Life as they speak with David and his family in this captivating interview about family, race and unconditional love - a 30-year secret revealed.

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dave paladino champion play film
David's critically acclaimed one-act play Champion is now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Lulu.

David has also been writing for the screen which includes penning the script for
Champion the movie.
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david paladino the island
As a producer, David has helped bring some top theater to the stage including the award-winning, The Island by Athol Fugard.

David has expanded into film. View more at
BlackBelt Productions.

Sweet Summer, Freedom For Joe, Champion
thrillspy film festival paladino
columbia gorge paladino
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